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• "Many of my patients experience significant symptom relief when undergoing a gentle holistic therapy called Reiki, available in our office with Reiki Master Annie Knox. Annie’s Reiki treatments are especially unique and effective because they are enhanced with Therapeutic Energetic Reconnection (TER)®. Many patients choose to schedule a Reiki treatment adjacent to their medical visit, and others come in earlier, given the long wait time for a medical visit. Based on the excellent results we’ve seen, I highly recommend this as an adjunctive component of care, and encourage you to arrange for a treatment." - Dr. Deborah J. Hoadley, M.D., Longmeadow, Massachusetts

• "Annie Knox is an extremely talented healer and teacher. After my first treatment with her, I left with an incredible feeling of peace that I had not felt in many years. Each subsequent treatment left me feeling more and more amazing! With full confidence in Annie and the work that she does, I have taken 3 wonderfully life-changing classes with her. She will make you feel entirely comfortable and safe while you experience truly amazing changes taking place for the betterment of your entire being! When you take a class or receive a treatment with Annie, you know that you are getting the highest quality of professionalism and healing." - Allie Filepp, September 15, 2011

• "Having never heard of Therapeutic Energetic Reconnection (TER)® before, I was uncertain when I signed up for this class. I wondered whether it would be worthwhile for me. I can whole heartedly, and with great enthusiasm, say "it was AMAZING"! Prior to the class, I had been experiencing a degree of neck discomfort. This had been for a period of about 6 weeks. I attributed my neck pain to spending a lot of time using my lap top, as I was enrolled in an "on-line" course. My neck was the one area of my body that responded most dramatically to TER as we learned how to offer and receive the Therapeutic Energetic Reconnection healing energy. I was amazed at how my neck responded to the TER energy - it turned and moved in what seemed a perfect circle - and did this on it's own! I am happy to say, that for me my neck has remained fine since this class. This despite the fact I continued extensive computer use taking "on-line" classes for another period of months! I highly recommend Annie to anyone, both as a healing practitioner and as their instructor. My suggestion is to RUN, don't walk, to Annie's welcoming and supportive office space. I loved the l class, and I can only believe you will feel overwhelming contentment and empowerment as you receive TER healing energy! " - June Braunlich, CHHC, AADP, junebraunlich@aol.com

• "I had been in bed six months suffering the effects of cancer. My body had atrophied and became so weak, I never thought that I would ever be able to raise my arms over my head again - and definitely never be strong enough to go back to work. From my first session of Reiki at the Cancer House of Hope, my body responded. I was amazed! The Healing Energy of Reiki actually infused new "life" back into my body. The areas of my body that had been damaged were greatly improved! I was able to raise my once weakened arms over my head. And most amazingly, I was able to return to work! That's what Reiki does: gently heals our bodies without drugs and without negative side effects. The healing makes us stronger and for me, in some ways stronger than before I had cancer." - Rebecca Durant

• "I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August 2007. Even after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, my cancer returned to my neck in 2009. The tumor is resting on the nerves in my neck causing excruciating pain in my shoulder and down my arm. It also caused my arm to become immobilized. Reiki has proven to be a real asset in my life. Most Thursdays I go to the Cancer House of Hope in Springfield in intense pain for a Reiki treatment and leave with no pain. Reiki also leaves me with a sense of peace and tranquility. Reiki is one of the best alternatives I know to help me get through a difficult time." - Laura Quatrano

• "My Reiki sessions have greatly improved my quality life during treatment. I actually have fewer side effects immediately following treatment when I am able to schedule a Reiki session the day before, and can return to my normal activities right away. Reiki has also been very beneficial in easing my anxiety I experience as a cancer survivor. Not only do I leave each session feeling very peaceful, but the calming effects seem to be cumulative; the more Reiki I receive, the more peaceful I feel and the longer the effects last. As a three-time cancer survivor who has been battling cancer on and off for over two decades, enjoying a high of life is extremely important to me. Reiki is a wonderful therapy that helps me to live my life to the fullest." - Kristin Kirwan

• "Reiki was a tremendous source of pain relief when I went through chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Over the years, I have gone back to Reiki treatments when I have flare ups of fibromyalgia as a result of chemotherapy. It has always helped relieve pain and is my most relaxing part of the week. I highly recommend Reiki as a powerful healing source for cancer patients and others." - Sandy Miliefsky

• "Reiki is a good therapy in handling my back pain, stress and anxiety. During my treatment I remain quiet allowing me to go into a deep relaxation. This allows my muscles to let to let go of tension which, in turn, helps reduce or eliminate my pain. In addition to other modalities, Reiki therapy helps me to function better. I would recommend it to anyone to see for themselves the peace and calmness." - Jane Gaines

• "Reiki has been the best kept secret in my life. I completely relax and leave in a state of peacefulness and calm in spirit. I have actually come in in pain and left in none. During the treatment, it feels like a warm electricity running through and a calmness comes over me." - Angie Gouzounos

• "I came to Reiki therapy for the first time this year, on the recommendation of a fellow breast cancer survivor. From the start, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and relaxation. I have considerable foot numbness (neuropathy) from my chemotherapy and Annie was able to relieve some of this plus make me feel more flexible. I still continue to come because the benefits have improved my physical being as well as my mental! I always leave with a renewed heart. Thank you." - Becky Lekberg

• "The Big C - Cancer. Mom, dad, brother, daughter and myself have all felt the terror that comes from the diagnosis. Mom and dad passed with cancer. I came to Reiki not wanting to go on with life the way it was. I was in mental and physical pain. For the first month, all I did was cry. My outlook was dim. It is Reiki and my Reiki Master, Annie, who has saved my life and today I am a different person! Sometimes dealing with some of the same issues but I see the light. I am more positive and happier than I've been in years. I feel hopeful, not hopeless. I now go out with my friends. I love to dance and now I can do it again. I also function every day now. It is the positive energy and the positive attitude that Annie has given to me from Reiki. Even to this day, when I start thinking negatively, I can CANCEL the bad thoughts. When I have my Reiki treatment, I feel so relaxed and I look forward to each visit." - R.H.

• "I benefitted from Reiki. It is very calming, quiets the mind and helped my pain go away. Reiki is drug free. Therapy is best for all people." - Ghislaine Reid

• "Reiki is part of my cancer treatment. It keeps me in touch with my body. Both physically and emotionally, when I started this therapy, I did not know what to expect, but kept an open mind. After my first session, I felt calm, relaxed and pain free. I look forward to my weekly treatments, without them I am not sure how I would cope with my disease. Forever grateful." - Sue Strempel