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Classes at The Spirit of Healing cater to all levels of experience from professional healers, to volunteers, to people who are simply interested in learning for self care and life enrichment.

Want to host a class near you? Contact Annie at The Spirit of Healing for details. Call 413-426-3847 or click the Contact Us tab and send us an email.


Classes are held in our Longmeadow office. Pictures below depict our comfortable, spacious classroom with windows overlooking the beautiful Franconia Golf Course.




Therapeutic Energetic Reconnection (TER)® - One Day Class - $215

Come and experience this exciting and extraordinary healing art of TER! Unlike any other healing method – with TER energy, body parts move by themselves, effortlessly helping to distribute the healing energy within the body for maximum benefit. Receiving the attunement and learning the method is simple. No prerequisites, open to all.

Therapeutic Energetic Reconnection (TER)® is a unique form of energy therapy where healing energy is channeled through the healer to the person receiving the services, reconnecting the body’s energy and making adjustments automatically wherever energetic re-alignment is needed. The body recognizes and responds to TER energy. Using TER energy, body parts move effortlessly as the intuitive wisdom of the body interacts with the TER energy - helping to distribute the healing energy within the body, dissolving energy blocks, smoothing out energetic disruptions, and systematically reconnecting and realigning the body energetically for deep relaxation and wonderful healing results.

Though it varies from person to person, when the practitioner lays hands with the TER energy, the body often responds with unique and deliberate movements as the energy does its work and removes blockages, opens chakras and reconnects and realigns the person’s energy. Typical movements are the head turning back and forth, and up and down, or the head gently circling “unwinding” itself. Sometimes while seated the client experiences a gentle rocking from side to side or the torso making a circular motion. On the table, the client’s arms often circle or brush over the body. Hands, fingers and wrists move, gently bending or making circular motions. Sometimes the legs, ankles and feet bend and move as well. Practitioners have also experienced what Annie terms as “Movement without Movement” where the body would be still but the practitioner could feel movement deep underneath his/her hands as the body made subtle re-alignments.

Practice professionally or just work on yourself, your family, friends, pets, etc. Come and experience the peace, healing and inspiration of this amazing energy!

Please turn up your computer's speaker volume to hear commentary on the video below.

TER is recognized by ABMP, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, a leader in the field of providing liability insurance to practitioners of complimentary and alternative healing therapies. Practitioners of TER can obtain liability insurance to practice professionally. Some organizations require even volunteers to carry insurance. We can provide you with an application should you have need for a policy.


Reiki Level 1 – One Day Class - $215

Learn the relaxing art of Reiki – a Japanese method of stress reduction and healing. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn a healing modality that is safe, gentle and can be used on oneself and others, including animals. Reiki assists in dissolving energy blockages and restoring a balanced flow that energizes, promotes deep relaxation, healing and peace and well being for the body, mind and spirit. Great for deep relaxation, stress reduction and pain relief!

No pre-requisites at all. All that is required is the desire to learn. Come and learn about the origins of Reiki and receive the ability to use Reiki energy for healing. Please join us for a fun, relaxing day.

Reiki Level 2 – Continuing on the Healing Path – One Day Class - $215

Level 2 Reiki includes attunement with 3 sacred symbols for deepening practice and gaining a greater connection to healing energy. The symbols are a tool used to focus and connect to a specific aspect of Reiki energy. Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1.

Power Symbol – This helps to focus energy and is used for protection.

Mental/Emotional Symbol – helps to heal mental and emotional issues.

Distance Symbol – used for distance healings, this symbol enables one to send Reiki to anywhere in the world. Transcends the time paradigm of past/present/future.


ThetaHealing® - Basic – Three Day Class - $450

Note from Annie:
ThetaHealing is the work of world renown intuitive and naturopath Vianna Stibal. In June 2012 I received the honor of being chosen to be a Teaching Assistant to Vianna in Idaho for her Instructors’ class.  I met daily and worked closely with her and the students for 4 days - A great experience that re-inspired me to teach this healing modality.   I met ThetaHealing practitioners and instructors from all over the world - wonderful people of all ages and from all walks of life.  ThetaHealing is truly for anyone who desires to learn it.   I hope you will join us in class! - Annie

Learn to connect to Universal Life Force, ALL THAT IS, through the ThetaBrainwave State to both identify and correct issues in the physical and emotional bodies caused from limiting beliefs. No prerequisites, open to all.

With ThetaHealing® you can choose your beliefs and consciously create your life. Learn to identify the thoughts & beliefs that are keeping you stuck in life and make positive, lasting changes. ThetaHealing is the work of world renown intuitive and naturopath Vianna Stibal. With ThetaHealing® you can reprogram yourself for abundance, success, love and happiness, and heal physical ailments. This class consists of 3 full and exciting days of hands on experience of learning and using the ThetaHealing technique.

In this 3 day course we will cover::

• How to identify what is keeping you stuck - the subconscious core beliefs underlying imbalance, illness or challenge in your life.
• How to muscle test yourself and others to reveal subconscious beliefs.
• How to pull, change and replace beliefs on four different levels.
• How to pull fears, & emotional traumas and create positive peaceful feelings.
• Exercises for body scanning, future reading and meeting your Guardian Angels.
• How certain belief systems can sabotage your having love, money, health, peace and to change themto become happier, healthier, more peaceful, more empowered, more productive, & more successful in all areas of life!
And much more!

With completion of this course you will receive certification for Basic practitioner ThetaHealing®.

ThetaHealing® – Advanced – Three Day Class - $450

Continue the journey...

This 3-day class is the next level of ThetaHealing®.

Prerequisite: ThetaHealing® Basic Class

• Learn how to bring about amazing shifts in consciousness.
• Learn more about the 7 Planes of Existence and how to use them for healing.
• Learn how to recognize which plane(s) you are using to co-create healings.
• Discover the differences between talking with angels and Creator.
• Learn how to create or live without certain feelings.
• Reprogram yourself for creating the life you desire.
• Learn how to repair a broken soul.
• Find out about engram banks and how to pull free-floating memories.
• Discover how to manifest your dreams!
• Recreate hundreds of belief structures and go home transformed.