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• Reiki
Therapeutic Energetic Reconnection (TER)®
• Medicinal Aromatherapy

Healing sessions are $100 per hour or $50 per half hour. Medicinal Aromatherapy can be added to a session for an additional $10.
Bottles of essential oils may be purchased for continued use at home. Prices vary.

What is Reiki? (pronounced ray' key)

Reiki is the gentle, holistic practice of improving the body’s own energy flow, which may be blocked or depleted. It is the ultimate relaxation technique and wonderful for anxiety, pain relief, calming down symptoms of chronic disease, and much more. Many inflammatory and autoimmune conditions respond positively to Reiki as well as tension to migraine headaches, neuropathy in hands and feet, fibromyalgia, and all types of stress, pain and discomfort. Nothing is required – you don’t have to be able to still your thoughts or breathe a certain way just be open and receptive to the benefits and the treatment will soothe you on all levels of being – mind/body/spirit.

Unlike massage, Reiki is experienced fully clothed and does not involve any rubbing or pressure. It is gentle enough for anyone. Restoring and improving the body’s energy flow, it gently supports and balances the body to promote healing and recovery on every level – a true mind/body connection. The effects of Reiki are cumulative, meaning successive treatments help to increase and sustain the benefits.

Reiki is gaining acceptance within the medical community as a supplemental therapy to complement medical treatment and improve patient care. Some hospitals are incorporating it into their roster of services.


• Stress relief! The most effect means of relieving stress you will ever experience! Stress melts away!
• Drug free pain relief/pain management
• Effortless, deep relaxation
• Reduction /elimination of anxiety
• Improves stiffness and range of motion
• Better quality of sleep
• Feeling more energized
• Better concentration
• Mitigates the negative side effects from chemotherapy and radiation
• And more

What is ThetaHealing®?

Change your thoughts, change your life! The ThetaHealing® technique, founded by Vianna Stibal, a Naturopath and Medical Intuitive, recognizes that our negative thoughts and beliefs – both conscious and subconscious - can prevent us from going forward and living a full, productive life, and can contribute to the manifestation of illness and disease in the body and stress, lack of success and unhappiness in life.

ThetaHealing® involves a process of discovering core beliefs and destructive thought patterns associated with current problems. Once a negative core belief has been discovered, with your permission, the practitioner will use Source energy to change it on all levels of your being and replace it with positive a belief and feeling.

On Vianna Stibal

What is Therapeutic Energetic Reconnection (TER)®?

Annie has received the gift of beautiful healing energies from which she created the modality she calls Therapeutic Energetic Reconnection (TER)®. TER is a unique form of energy therapy where healing energy serves to reconnect the body’s energy system and makes adjustments automatically wherever energetic re-alignment is needed. The body’s own intuitive healing wisdom recognizes and responds to TER healing energy - moving gently and effortlessly to dissolve energy blocks, smoothing out energy disruptions, and systematically reconnecting and realigning the body energetically for optimal healing.

The results are deep relaxation, pain relief, relief of stress & anxiety, improved range of motion, soothing symptoms of chronic disease, better quality of sleep, a profound sense of peace and wellbeing and more. TER works on even difficult to manage pain such as migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, autoimmune diseases and more.

TER works seamlessly with Reiki, ThetaHealing®, Medicinal Aromatherapy and other modalities enhancing the results. It also allows a treatment to be highly customized to meet the individual’s needs. Annie also teaches this technique to anyone who wishes to enrich their life as well to others in the healing profession. See our class page for further information.

What is Medicinal Aromatherapy?

Pure Essential oils are the healing essence of medicinal plants. Medicinal Aromatherapy is the ancient art of using plant-derived,aromatic essential oils to promote health and well-being on all levels of being. It is sometimes used in combination with other therapeutic techniques as part of a holistic treatment approach.

The energies of the essential oils are a wonderful addition to energy work of all types and enhance Reiki, TER and ThetaHealing® sessions. Each essence has an energy or vibration with specific healing properties. The essences work beautifully together. The healing power of pure, medicinal-grade essences, layered one by one greatly enhance their power by allowing them to both blend synergistically and to express their individual properties.

The essences offer support for physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues and assist in transitions, gently encourage personal growth and help to bring hidden issues to the surface where they can be resolved and integrated.

The Spirit of Healing uses Wisdom of the Earth essential oils obtained from biodynamic, wild craft and organic farmers. Every aspect of the process from growing, harvesting, distilling and pouring is handled with the utmost care and respect. Each essence is hand poured under ceremony for the purest vibration.