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About AnnieAnnie Knox

Annie Knox is a Reiki Master/Teacher with a life long interest in healing and spirituality.  She is a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor, a Silva graduate, and a certified Medicinal Aromatherapist and the founder of Therapeutic Energetic Reconnection (TER)®.  She is a Reiki Provider to the Center for Human Development/Cancer House of Hope located in West Springfield, MA.  Annie also has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Philosophy with minors in both Religious Studies and Business Management from the University of New Hampshire.

"I have used holistic methods in recovering from both a broken back in 2001, from which I made a complete recovery, and from an autoimmune disorder in 2006 which left me with a variety of symptoms including debilitating fatigue, pain and stiffness.  

I feel that my personal experience has helped me to have greater understanding and empathy for the pain, and frustration that clients go through when dealing with injury or disease.  Since I have experienced firsthand the healing benefits of Reiki, Therapeutic Energetic Reconnection (TER)®, ThetaHealing® and Essential Oils, I am eager to share these wonderful healing modalities with others." -Annie